Pre-AP Sophomore English (Writing and Literature)
September 2014 -June 2015
Mrs. Gauthier

This year-long Pre-AP course is designed for college-bound students who have had success in previous English courses and are motivated to improve their writing and literary analysis skills. The emphasis is on the writing process, not just the final written product, as significant time will be spent on revision. Each student will learn how to develop his/her own voice as a writer while adhering to the standard conventions of the English language. Students will write a number of different types of essays including persuasive, descriptive, comparison/contrast, a research paper, and literary analysis.

The literature is intended to challenge highly motivated students through an in-depth analysis of novels, plays, and short stories. Works that may be read and analyzed include: Ordinary People, The Glass Menagerie, The Bean Trees, Witness, Washington Square, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Separate Peace, Huck Finn, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, The Lord of the Flies, A Yellow Raft in Blue Water and The Catcher in the Rye.

Daily Classroom Expectations
• Arrive to class on time (before the bell).
• Be prepared for class and respectful of all classmates, teachers, and any visitors.
• Keep a writing and literature notebook and take appropriate notes during class.
• Ask questions and generate discussion.
• The Academic Honor Code is to be followed. All essays must be submitted to TURNITIN.COM as well as other specified assignments.
• All work must be given directly to the teacher unless otherwise indicated. Do not put work in the teacher’s mailbox or leave it on the desk.
• Teacher is not responsible for work submitted electronically to her email address. The student is always expected to print hard copies of assignments.
• You must adhere to deadlines. Mishaps with technology are not acceptable excuses for missing deadlines.
• Wikipedia and are not to be used as a reference source. Neither are Sparknotes/Cliff/Monarch/Barron’s, Lit Charts, Shmoop, Blogs,,, Betty, etc… The teacher will indicate what is acceptable.
• All work is independent unless otherwise specified.

Writing and Reading
As this is a Pre-AP course, the work will be demanding. You will need to plan to continue draft work at home, type many assignments at home, and there will be a significant amount of reading to be completed. You must make time to read. It is your responsibility to be an active reader and you can do this by taking notes, making list (of information and/or questions), and using sticky-notes to mark pages and ideas. Always come to class prepared to share your writing and to discuss more than plot.

Tests, papers (including a research paper component), oral presentations, group participation, quizzes, and reading checks will all be graded. Writing terminology, literary terms, and SAT vocabulary will be quizzed. All assignments will be assigned a specific number of points. The total number of points will not be determined until the end of the term.

Make-up Work
Work that was due the day you were absent is due the day you return. Class work must be made up within 1 week’s time or you shall receive a grade of zero. You are expected to take previously scheduled/announced tests even if you are absent the day prior.

Class work (including tests and quizzes) cannot be made up for any class you skipped. You will receive a zero. (Clear any cuts as soon as possible.)

You must be prepared for class (books in class, pens/pencils in hand, notebook/folder, work completed, etc.). You cannot learn or participate if you are not here. Be prepared to answer questions, to participate in activities, to share your ideas, to constructively peer edit, and to volunteer information.

Academic Honor Code
Again, all work will be submitted to and you are expected to strictly adhere to the Academic Honor Code.

*Written Assignments:
All written assignments must respond directly to the question/prompt/task. If your answer is off-task it will not be scored, not even for writing prowess.

Helpful MLA websites:

Final Exams
Exams will not be returned but will be kept on file for one semester.

 Lined and computer paper
 Replacement ink cartridges for your printer
 Access to a computer, as all papers must be typed
 Access to the internet, as all papers must be submitted to
 Highlighters, red pens for editing
 A small three-ring notebook
 A flash drive is highly recommended