Weekly Assignments

Weekly Assignments

Work that is not graded will be collected daily and checked for completion. This includes all notes, classwork, and homework (generally classified as assignments). As outlined in the course syllabus, this work will count 20% of the term grade.

Work is due the day after it is assigned, unless otherwise noted.  However, this work will be accepted until the end of that week for full credit.

Each day checked classwork and assignments will be returned to your class period cubby.  It is your responsibility to pick up this work and organize it into your notebook.

Graded assignments are often held for a few days to give absent students the opportunity to complete these without access to others’ work.

Evolution work

Life Has a History

Constant Change and Common Threads

March 9

Peppered Moth Simulation

Anole Lizards – An Example of Speciation

Resources to help understand Evolution

Rock Pocket Mouse Evolution

Peppered Moth Simulation

Resources on Speciation

Darwin’s Finches

Founder Effect and Bottleneck

Evolution 101

Evolution of Ice Fish