Mission & Vision Statement

Westfield High School Mission Statement

Westfield High School educates and prepares all students for 21st-century readiness in college, career, and our community, and provides educators with essential resources, quality professional development, and autonomy to innovate.

Each graduate will be able to:

  • Demonstrate required 21st century core academic competencies and effective communication skills, including the ability to think critically, and read, write, and communicate effectively (Academic Expectations).

  • Participate in a healthy and productive lifestyle, exhibit character and tolerance when facing new or challenging situations, and demonstrate a strong and balanced work ethic (Social Expectations).

  • Participate in the local, national, and global society as an informed citizen who follows through with decisions that have a positive effect on individuals, families, and communities (Civic Expectations).

  • Use technology and information appropriately, respectfully, and responsibly, act as an informed consumer of data, and take steps to protect one’s own digital identity and reputation (Technological Expectations).

Vision Statement

The Vision Statement seeks to establish a clear understanding of the direction in which the school is taking its students.

Westfield High School provides comprehensive educational opportunities for students to realize their full academic, occupational, societal and personal potential. Each student will discover his or her individual strengths and interests and will learn to expand these in an academic setting that regularly assesses and focuses on student outcomes. Above and beyond the required courses, our students will be offered a wide variety of elective course opportunities for exploration and the pursuit of individual interests as well as career interests.

Support for each other's learning will create a community of learners both at the student and staff levels. Students will be allowed a greater choice of studies while promoting a more personalized learning environment. Shared decision-making and a collaborative professional environment will improve student learning. Scheduling of common planning time will reduce teacher isolation, promote a collegian school culture, and foster the creation of a more integrated curriculum.

We believe in developing an independent, well-rounded student who has a positive attitude about his/her future and has developed a life long love of learning. Our students will have a fundamental respect for all diversities that individuals bring to the educational community. Furthermore, a strong bond of confidence and trust will exist between our students and faculty. Within the structure of our interscholastic and recreational sports programs, our students will learn the principles of fair play, good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for rules and authority and will apply these lessons to other aspects of their lives. Extracurricular activities will aid in achieving personal growth outside the classroom with particular emphasis on enhancing decision-making skills and concern for others through giving of self and sharing. Increased school-community involvement will teach our students leadership skills, how to become involved, to take personal responsibility, to pursue new interests, and to take pride in their community. In so doing, a clear sense of social responsibility and citizenship will develop.

Clear and open communication between the school and parents will encourage all parents and guardians of Westfield High School students to become actively involved in promoting a positive, well balanced system.

The Westfield High School is committed to educating the whole child by involving all dimensions of growth with challenging academics and by furthering his/her interests, broadening perceptions, developing new skills and renewing the enjoyment of learning. The school community has a shared vision of high expectations for all students. We seek to provide a diverse and enhanced educational environment available to all students who recognize their own unique potential as individuals striving for knowledge and achievement.